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Stem cells can help re-attach lost teeth

tooth-three-roots-illustration1News from the world of stem cells again! Researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago have extracted and cultivated stem cells that can make lost teeth ‘grow back in’ the jaw.

In the experiment, stem cells were taken from rats’ periodontal fibres and cultivated in an incubator. After a while, they were seeded on extracted rats’ teeth og put back into the jaw of the rats. After a few months the stem cells had formed new periodontal fibres between the tooth and the jaw and the tooth was attached just as firmly as a healthy tooth.

Better than implants?

Researchers are hoping to be able to use this technique to re-implant teeth that have been lost due to trauma, or even to attach tooth replacements directly into the gum. Teeth attached with stem cell fibres in this way will have a big advantage compared with implants that do not have periodontal fibres and have a very bad prognosis as soon as they start to loosen a little.

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