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Bad breath can be caused by constipation

Bad breath can be caused by constipationOften, people who are made aware of their bad breath are surprised, because they experience no problems with their oral health and maintain a good oral hygiene. New research from Denmark offers an explanation why many people with good oral health suffer from bad breath. The research indicates that up to 25% of all cases of bad breath can be caused by constipation. Researchers point to a healthier lifestyle as the solution.

Constipation and bad breath - the reasons

Constipation causes an accumulation of undigested food in the bowels and the problem is thought to be caused by a passive lifestyle with a lack of exercise. Many people who suffer from constipation have a job that requires them to sit all day, which does not do much good for the digestion. When combined with a diet low in fibres and a general lack of exercise, constipation is very likely to result which again causes the bad breath.

Constipation and bad breath - the solution

If people are to solve their problems with constipation and bad breath, they need to improve the function of their bowels. In order to solve the problem with constipation, doctors recommend regular exercise, a diet rich in fibres and low in fat and a habit of drinking water every hour.

When dentists are faced with patients who suffer from bad breath without having any problems with oral hygiene or oral health, they are recommended to ask the patient whether he or she has been experiencing problems with digestion or stomach aches, has felt bloated or in any other way uncomfortable or tired. If the answer is yes, the patient might be advised to see a doctor who specializes in intestinal problems.

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